Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series of Extension Publications

The Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series provides peer-reviewed, research based information to improve decision-making for incorporating, augmenting, and maintaining anaerobic digestion systems for manures and food by-products.

Current titles include:

  • Anaerobic Digestion Effluents and Processes: The Basics (FS171E)
  • On-Farm Co-Digestion of Dairy Manure with High-Energy Organics (FS172E)
  • Considerations for Incorporating Co-Digestion on Dairy Farms (EM088E)
  • Anaerobic Co-Digestion on Dairies in Washington State: The solid waste handling permit exemption (FS040E)
  • Biogas Upgrading on Dairy Digesters (FS180E)
  • Anaerobic Digester Project and System Modifications: An Economic Analysis (EM090E)
  • The Rationale for Recovery of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from Dairy Manure (FS136E)
  • Economic Feasibility of Anaerobic Digester Systems with Post-Digester Nutrient Recovery Technologies (TB27E)
  • Digested Fiber Solids: Methods for Adding Value (FS235E)
  • Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure (EM112E)
  • Completing a Successful Feasibility Study for an Anaerobic Digestion Project (FS292E)

Economic Tools:

Additional publications (coming soon):

  • The Dairy Manure Biorefinery (in revision)

Dairy Waste Biorefinery

Dairy Waste Biorefinery document