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Anaerobic Digestion: Beyond Waste Management

Posted by Chad Kruger | June 13, 2013

After nearly a decade of work, we’re finally ready to “show off” our achievements in improving the environmental performance of dairies. Take a look at the brief video we recently produced describing our efforts and join us in the field on July 10th!

Frequently Asked Questions about climate change and agriculture: Part 2

Posted by Chad Kruger | August 9, 2012

Last week I introduced a series of frequently asked questions and began by addressing the first:

The EPA says agriculture only accounts for 6% of US greenhouse gas emissions. Shouldn’t we focus our efforts on bigger problems such as coal fired power plants and automobile emissions instead?

Today I’ll address the following:

Do “food miles” – the distance that food travels from producer to consumer – really matter to the climate?

Not only is this a “frequently asked question”, but it has become a fairly contentious issue in both the commercial retail industry as well as in local / community food systems discussions. As with many catchy slogans, the phrase “food miles” hints at a larger truth but is actually too simple to adequately address issues of transport of food. Read more »

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