Extension Mini Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
182 Stabilizing the OFoot Decision Support Tool for Interdisciplinary Research Carpenter-Boggs, L.
175 Participatory On-Farm Agroecological Education: Assessing the Effectiveness of a 14 year Farmer-University Partnership Ostrom, M.
170 Methods for Practical Field Selection of Honey Bee Colonies, and the Rearing of Queens and Drones Lawrence, T.
164 Combined Soils and High Residue Farming Workshop and Summary Publication McGuire, A.
156 Creation of a Web-Based Training Course to Promote Biological Control Chambers, U.
152 WSU Plasticulture website development Cowan, J.
142 Garden-based STEM nutrition and biology K-12 curriculum to increase pulse consumption Miles, C.
141 Soil Quality Network 2014 McMoran, D.
140 Cascadia Grains Conference and Growing Grains Extension Publication Patzek, L.
130 International Quinoa Research Symposium Murphy, K.
129 Cascadia Grains Conference Patzek, L.
128 Online Training Module for Grafting Vegetable Transplants Miles, C.
115 Eating our way to a healthy planet: Can how we eat help reduce climate change? Nelson, D.
114 Dryland Summer Tour (REACCH) Pan, B.
110 Combined Soil Quality Workshops for Irrigated Ag McGuire, A.
106 Workshops: Tomato Grafting Techniques for Soil-Borne Disease Resistance Miles, C.
084 Sustainable Farming of Woodland Crops Murray, T.
069 On-Farm Workshop on Food Fermentation Saez, H.
068 Holistic Management Sustainability Conference: Creating a Sustainable Future for Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest Nelson, D.
067 Cultivating Success Small Farming and Ranching Course Munts, P.
066 Building Soils for Better Crops Workshop McGuire, A.
036 Washington State Coordinator for Cultivating Success Course Perillo, C.
035 Statewide Farmer Survey – BIOAg Stats Ostrom, M.
042 Food Safety in Organic Production Killinger, K.
028 Land EKG Rangeland Monitoring Workshop Nelson, D.
027 Dairy Roundtable Feise, C.
026 Farming for Food Quality – Symposium and Seminars Granatstein, D.
Miles, C.
025 Demonstration and Outreach for Livestock Carcass Composting Carpenter-Boggs, L.