Organic Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
090 Closing the Gap: Organic Wheat Variety Release in Eastern Washington Murphy, K.
075 Quantifying biological control of pear psylla in a cover crop system Horton, D.
050 Integrating low-disturbance organic grain and livestock production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
049 Evaluating and Developing Varieties for Organic Systems in Western Washington Jones, S.
048 Weed management in establishing an organic wine grape vineyard Miles, C.
047 Assessing effects of an alfalfa cover crop on biological control and tree nutrition in organic pear orchards Jones, V.
046 Growing nitrogen in the organic orchard Davenport, J.
045 Evaluation of seed treatments for organic vegetable production in the Pacific Northwest du Toit, L.
044 Market Price Analysis for Washington Organic Apples and Pears Wang, H.
043 Evaluation of seed and drench treatments for organic production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
du Toit, L.
016 Control of Xanthomonas in Cabbage Seed Carpenter-Boggs, L.
015 Nitrogen Supply and Partitioning in Managed Understories of Organic Apples Reganold, J.
013 Organic Apple Price in Response to Crop Size Supplied to the Market Wang, H.
012 Field efficacy trials of Metarhizium anisopliae alone and in combination with entomopathogenic nematodes against the larval stage of the Carrots Rust Fly Psila rosae Muehleisen, D.
014 Evaluating vegetable varieties for organic systems Miles, C.
011 Cover Crops for Weed Management in Organic and Transition Systems Cogger, C.
007 Organic Seed Treatments du Toit, L.
Inglis, D.
006 Outreach and Education Granatstein, D.
005 Organic Transition Rotations for Northwestern Washington Inglis, D.
Miller, T.
004 Understory Management in Organic Tree Fruits and Other Woody Perennials Granatstein, D.
003 Trends in Organic Agriculture in the PNW Granatstein, D.
002 Weed Management in organic dryland spring wheat Gallagher, R.
001 Organic Seed Production and Quality Jones, S.