2009 Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
087 Forecasting Late Blight for Northwestern Washington Organic Potato Production Inglis, D.
075 Quantifying biological control of pear psylla in a cover crop system Horton, D.
074 Pasture Improvement through Pastured Poultry VanVleet, S.
073 2009 BIOAg Tour: On-Site Demonstration of Farm Diversification and Sustainable Farming Practices VanVleet, S.
072 Short Course in Biodynamic Agriculture Murray, T.
071 Demonstration Improvements and Educational Aids for the Aeschliman Learning Site Kok, H.
070 Helping Hands, Healthy Community: A Harvest Education Project Burrows, C.
069 On-Farm Workshop on Food Fermentation Saez, H.
068 Holistic Management Sustainability Conference: Creating a Sustainable Future for Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest Nelson, D.
067 Cultivating Success Small Farming and Ranching Course Munts, P.
066 Building Soils for Better Crops Workshop McGuire, A.
065 Learning Organic Agriculture at WSU Reganold, J.
064 Weeklong Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems Course Perillo, C.
063 Plant Breeding for Organic Agriculture Extension Course Jones, S.
062 Low Disturbance Weed Control in Organic Dryland Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
061 Assessment of Renewable Fertilizers from Anaerobic Digester Manure Nutrient Recovery Chen, S.
060 Antibiotics in Animal Manure: A Challenge to Organic Cropping Systems Ullman, J.
059 Identification of Root Disease-Causing Organisms and Their Management in Washington Raspberries Walters, T.
058 Soil Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agricultural Systems Incorporating Biologically Based Techniques Stockle, C.
057 Regional Food Distribution System Enhancement Project Saez, H.
056 Nutritional Quality of Organic Fruits: Influence of Processing on Phenolic Compounds, Ascorbic Acid Sablani, S.
055 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Wheat Grown in Washington State Ostrom, M.
054 Evaluating Soils Receiving Multiple Green Manures for Suppression of Verticillium dahliae McGuire, A.
053 Wheat Quality in Organic and Conventional Dryland Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
052 Evaluation of Wheat Varieties for Mutualism with Endomycorrhizal Fungi to Improve Phosphorus Uptake Campbell, K.
051 Conservation Biology of Syrphids, Predators of Woolly Aphid in Central Washington. Beers, E.