2010 Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
093 Intercropping, Precision Weed Management, and Pea Breeding for Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
090 Closing the Gap: Organic Wheat Variety Release in Eastern Washington Murphy, K.
089 Health Benefits of Conventional, Organic and No-till Whole Wheat Baik, B.-K.
Fuerst, P.
088 Phytonutrients and Genomics of Organic Tomatoes: Soil Fertility and/or Plant Defense Andrews, P.
Dhingra, A.
086 Tillage reduction and cover cropping for enhanced soil quality and weed management in western Washington organic vegetable farms (OREI) Collins, D.
085 Organic tree-fruit pest management – (OREI) Beers, E.
084 Sustainable Farming of Woodland Crops Murray, T.
083 Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis and Plant Growth and Productivity Poovaiah, J.
082 Biennial Canola for Forage and Ecosystem Improvement in Dryland Cropping Systems Kincaid, R.
081 Local and landscape-scale conservation of beneficial predators in Columbia Basin Potato Crops Snyder, W.
080 Evaluation and development of buckwheat and quinoa as alternative small grains for Washington State organic farmers and consumers Jaeckel, B.
Murphy, K.
079 Effects of High Tunnels and Biodegradable Mulch Use on Fruit Quality and Yield in High-value Crops Miles, C.
078 Alternative Forage and Fodder Crops for Livestock Production Benedict, C.
Corbin, A.
077 Development of Economic and Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Tool for the Assessment of Nitrogen Fertilizers in Apple-Tree Fruit Industry Stockle, C.
Zaher, U.
076 Vegetable grafting for Verticillium dahliae resistance Miles, C.