2015 Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
156 Creation of a Web-Based Training Course to Promote Biological Control Chambers, U.
154 Flexible Farming (FlexFarm) Production Systems: Integrating Crops and Livestock for Diverse, Resilient, and Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes Johnson, K.
153 Bovine-avian interactions on dairies: improving cow welfare and farm economic stability by implementing effective and sustainable bird deterrence methods Adams-Progar, A.
152 WSU Plasticulture website development Cowan, J.
151 Birds and Biosecurity: contact rates and parasite exchange between livestock and songbirds Owen, J.
150 Determining the Effect of Biodegradable and Living Mulches on Annual Weeds and and Growth of Newly-planted Blueberry Miller, T.
149 Spatial and temporal dynamics of attracting green lacewings to synthetic lures in apple orchards for pest suppression Jones, V.
148 Breeding colored wheat and barley for nutrition and novelty for low-input integrated farms Jones, S.
147 Improving anaerobically digested dairy manure solids by economical post treatment to create value-added and sustainable greenhouse potting mix fiber products Hummel, R.
146 Soil health and pasture productivity under mob grazing and fertility management Hudson, T.
145 Bi-Functional Crops: Fall-sown cool season grain legumes provide cover crop attributes Guy, S.
144 Understanding the molecular basis of plant response to organic versus conventional fertilizer using a metatranscriptomic approach Dhingra, A.
143 The Search for Acid-tolerant Rhizobia to Improve Pulse Production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
142 Garden-based STEM nutrition and biology K-12 curriculum to increase pulse consumption Miles, C.