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Biodegradable peptides as triggers of plant defense against pathogens and pests

Biologically active compounds derived from plants, e.g., peptide elicitors are known as a strong inducer of defense responses against pathogens and pests. Recently, we found that some peptides from potato can induce a defense response. We also found that other peptides have a potential to be a stronger defense inducer in potatoes. To expand this study, we will further synthesize candidate peptides, and will evaluate those activities on plant immunity responses in potatoes. We will also evaluate direct impacts of the peptides on several diseases in potato leaves and tubers. The overall objective of this proposal is to develop a novel approaches to control destructive pathogens and pests by maximizing the natural immunity of potatoes. The identified defense inducers in this proposal will be comparable to natural biological compounds.

Grant Information

  • Project ID: 167
  • Project Status: Ongoing


  • Principal Investigator(s): Tanaka, K.
  • Investigator(s): Hadwiger, L.
  • Grant Amount: $26851