Low Disturbance Weed Control in Organic Dryland Cropping Systems

CSANR Project 062

Status: Complete

Annual Entries


Principal Investigator: Pat Fuerst
Additional Investigators: Ian Burke
Ann-Marie Fortuna
Rich Koenig
Kathleen Painter
Diana Roberts
Progress Report: http://www.tfrec.wsu.edu/pdfs/P1838.pdf
Grant Amount: $40,000


Refereed Publication:

Gallagher, R.S, D. Pittmann, A. M. Snyder, R.T. Koenig, E. P. Fuerst, I.C. Burke and L. Hoagland. 2010. Alternative Strategies for Transitioning to Organic Production in Direct-Seeded Grain Systems in Eastern Washington I: Crop Agronomy. J. Sustainable Agric. 34:483-503.

Extension Bulletin:

Fuerst, E.P., R.T. Koenig, J. Kugler, K. Painter, M. Stannard, and J. Goldberger. 2009. Organic Alfalfa Management Guide. Washington State University Extension Bulletin EB2039E. http://cru84.cahe.wsu.edu/cgi-bin/pubs/EB2039E.html

Recent Abstracts:

E. P. Fuerst, I.C. Burke, D. Pittmann, R.T. Koenig, D. Huggins, D. Collins, C. Cogger, A. Corbin, and C. Benedict. 2010. Organic Conservation Tillage Practices – Innovations and Implications for Grain, Vegetable, and Conventional Farming Systems. Poster at Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association Annual Meeting, January 20-21, 2010.

E.P. Fuerst, I.C. Burke, D.R. Huggins, R.S. Gallagher, K. Ott-Borrelli, D. Pittmann, and R. T. Koenig Dryland Organic Weed Management Strategies in Eastern Washington. American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting, November 3, 2010.

Painter, Kathleen, Herbert Hinman, E. P. Fuerst, Richard Koenig, Ian Burke, Dennis Pittmann, Amanda Snyder, and Robert S Gallagher. 2008. Profitable Strategies for Transitioning to Organic Grain Production in the Arid West: Experimental Plot Results in Dryland Eastern Washington. Abstract in J. of Ag. and Resource Economics, 33(3): 493, 2008; presentation At the Western Agricultural Economics Association meetings, Big Sky, MT, July 2008.

R. Stevens, A. Snyder, R. Gallagher, D. Pittmann, I. Burke, E.P. Fuerst, and R. Koenig. 2008. Organic transition cropping systems for weed management in eastern Washington. Proc. Western Soc. Weed Sci. 61:11.

Goldberger, J.R. 2010. Certified Organic Production: The Experiences and Perspectives of Idaho Farmers. http://csanr.wsu.edu/publications-library/SPNW/SPNW-v8-n2.pdf;

Additional Funds Leveraged

Small Planet Foods, $18,000

Washington State Hay Growers Association $3,333

CSREES Organic Research and Extension Initiative, $1,040,210

Impacts and Outcomes

Recent Field Tours:

Boyd Farm tours and presentations: Organized field tour June 16, 2010, with 69 participants, Washington Conservation Commission Tour 5/19/10.

Baillie Farm tour 6/17/09. BIOAg and Small Planet Foods-funded tour of Brad Baillie’s 550-acre irrigated organic farm near Connell with six speakers presenting on-farm research. Tremendous interest, an exceptional tour, profitable farm, and very good turnout (61). Farmer Stockman featured a cover story shortly after the field day.

“Organic Cropping Systems Field Day”, June 18, 2008. Showcased WSU dryland organic farming research at the Boyd farm near Pullman. Attendance 40, including 15 growers.

“Organic Cropping Systems Field Day’, June 13, 2007. Highlighted organic research of Dr. Huggins at the USDA-ARS Palouse Conservation Field Station (PCFS).

Adoption of surface tillage practices for weed management, developed in our research, by a grower near Fairfield, WA.

Adoption of a precision weed management tool developed in our research by a grower near Pendleton, OR.