Assessment of Renewable Fertilizers from Anaerobic Digester Manure Nutrient Recovery

CSANR Project 061

Status: Complete

Annual Entries


Principal Investigator: Shulin Chen
Additional Investigators: Ken Casavant
Hal Collins
Craig Frear
Joe Harrison
Grant Amount: $116,284


Several publications are in the works, not complete yet

  1. Economic study by Hayk
  2. Review of P recovery technologies by Quanbao and Craig
  3. Nutrient Recovery P management by Quanbao and Craig
  4. Nutrient Recovery N management by Quanbao and Craig
  5. Nutrient Recovery total system by Quanbao and Craig
  6. Nutrient Recovery Chemical Modeling by Liang and Quanbao

Additional Funds Leveraged

USDA NRCS CIG $750,000 plus a 1:1 match from WSU and outside producers, two year project 9/1/11 through 8/31/13; DOE ARRA $500,000, two year project 9/1/11 through 8/31/13

Impacts and Outcomes

I still have not been able to write a final report as the project was three aspects:

  1. Nutrient recovery testing (done)
  2. Economic Studey (done)
  3. Agrinomic Field Trials of Fertilizer Products (Not Done)