Strategic Development of the Organic Agriculture Systems Major at WSU Everett

CSANR Project 176

Status: Ongoing

Project Summary

The goal of this project is to develop innovative approaches to delivering the Organic Agricultural Systems (OAS) major at the new WSU Everett campus. This major focuses on sustainable approaches to agriculture, and its initiation at WSU Everett provides opportunities to train competent, sustainably-focused students for agricultural careers in western Washington. This will be achieved by examining the current OAS program in Pullman, identifying needs and skills required for successful student experiences and job placements, and determining the future agenda of OAS program in Everett. This project involves three phases: (1) perform focus group interviews of current Pullman OAS students to identify student needs and areas of improvements, (2) conduct research and interviews of industry practitioners in the Seattle and North Puget Sound area to identify career paths and expected skills, and (3) provide a comprehensive roadmap of the OAS program in Everett involving collaboration with HBM and Data Analytics.

Annual Entries


Principal Investigator: Bri Ewing
Additional Investigator: Soobin Seo
Grant Amount: $5000