Vineyard evaluation of five beneficial insect-attracting native plant ground covers as a strategy to improve and sustain IPM in wine grapes

CSANR Project 122

Status: Ongoing

Project Summary

Arthropod pest management in Washington wine grapes is low input and based on conservation biological control (CBC). Sustainability depends on maintenance of year-round populations of pest natural enemies (PNE) in and near vineyards. Restoration of native habitat, primarily plants upon which endemic natural enemies depend for resources, should help maintain and sustain PNE populations in grapes. We have recently identified a number of native plant species attractive to a variety of PNE, with potential as ground covers for enhancing and sustaining CBC in wine grape vineyards. This project will establish, evaluate and compare the potential of 5 native plant ground covers in improving and sustaining CBC. Information will also be obtained on the practicality and agronomy of using these native ground covers in vineyards as well as impacts (if any) on grape production and quality. This project addresses BIOAg and wine grape industry priority areas by being biologically intensive and enhancing environmental sustainability of wine grape production in eastern Washington.


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Principal Investigator: David James
Progress Report:
Grant Amount: $36264


Principal Investigator: David James
Progress Report:
Grant Amount: $10819