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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Investigator: Bary, A.

The effect of tillage on oxidation of soil organic carbon in organically-managed soil

Organic agriculture uses tillage for several purposes including incorporation of organic inputs. Tillage also speeds oxidation of inputs and soil organic carbon (SOC). In order…

Choosing and managing cover crops to improve weed management in reduced tillage organic vegetable production

Reduced tillage can improve soil quality and reduce fossil fuel use. Adopting reduced tillage in organic production poses challenges because farmers rely on tillage as…

Tillage reduction and cover cropping for enhanced soil quality and weed management in western Washington organic vegetable farms (OREI)

Organic vegetable growers in western Washington pass over their fields 10 to 20 times annually with tillage equipment ranging from spring tooth harrows to mold…

Field Roller Special Equipment Purchase

Cover Crops for Organic Weed Control

Cover Crops for Weed Management in Organic and Transition Systems