Lynne Carpenter-Boggs Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s) Additional Personnel
182 Stabilizing the OFoot Decision Support Tool for Interdisciplinary Research Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Huggins, D.
172 Sustainable Crop-Livestock Integration for System Health in the Dryland Inland Pacific Northwest Tao, H.
Burke, I.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Hudson, T.
Hulbert, S.
Johnson, K.
Michel, L.
Sullivan, T.
146 Soil health and pasture productivity under mob grazing and fertility management Hudson, T.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
143 The Search for Acid-tolerant Rhizobia to Improve Pulse Production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
McGee, R.
Vandemark, G.
127 Agroecological Assessment of Farming in the Rural-Urban Interface: Building Resiliency in Regional Food Systems Ostrom, M.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Chappell, J.
Thiers, P.
Wait, J.
099 Lentil Selection to Reduce Dietary Intake of Arsenic Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Roje, S.
Coyne, C.
Harsh, J.
Islam, M.
McGee, R.
Piaskowski, J.
098 The effect of tillage on oxidation of soil organic carbon in organically-managed soil Higgins, S.
Stockle, C.
Bary, A.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Cogger, C.
Collins, D.
050 Integrating low-disturbance organic grain and livestock production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Huggins, D.
038 Sustainability Modules Carpenter-Boggs, L.
043 Evaluation of seed and drench treatments for organic production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
du Toit, L.
025 Demonstration and Outreach for Livestock Carcass Composting Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Price Youngquist, C.
020 Nutrient Quality and Disease Prevention Benefits of Organic versus Conventional Tomatoes and their Products Andrews, P.
Davies, N.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Collier, M.
Vega-Villa, K.
Yanez, J.
019 Legume Data Mining Pan, B.
Abi-Ghanem, R.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
016 Control of Xanthomonas in Cabbage Seed Carpenter-Boggs, L.
015 Nitrogen Supply and Partitioning in Managed Understories of Organic Apples Reganold, J.
Carpenter-Boggs, L.
TerAvest, D.