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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Investigator: Granatstein, D.

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Breaking bindweed: Can plant growth regulators disrupt apical dominance, deplete a persistent bud bank, and improve the control of perennial weed species in specialty crops?

Field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) is notoriously difficult to manage in specialty crop systems, particularly those under organic production. Perennial species possess the abundant nutrient reserves…

Combined Soils and High Residue Farming Workshop and Summary Publication

An increasing number of Columbia Basin farmers and crop consultants are interested in building soil quality and high residue farming in irrigated cropping systems (2015…

Monitoring Uptake of Legume N by Apple Trees Using Nitrogen Isotope Discrimination

Intercropped legumes can supply nitrogen to fruit trees and reduce the need for purchased nitrogen fertilizer, potentially reducing costs and environmental footprint. The project evaluated…

Economic Costs and Benefits of Soil Improvement Practices

The proposed study will address the priority topic area of biologically-intensive and organic approaches to sustainable management of soil quality, particularly focusing on the economic…

Development of Washington Organic Producer-Level Database on Crop Yields, Sales Value, and Price

The continued growth in the organic food market presents many Washington growers with the difficult decision of whether to switch from conventional production. While a…

Combined Soil Quality Workshops for Irrigated Ag

Columbia Basin farmers and the people that supply and support them are very interested in how to build soil quality (a BioAg priority area) in…

Organic tree-fruit pest management – (OREI)

Growing nitrogen in the organic orchard

Two on-farm trials were established in 2008 to test different approaches to growing nitrogen within an orchard. The trial at Warren Morgan Orchard (WMO) compared…

Farming for Food Quality – Symposium and Seminars

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