David Granatstein Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s) Additional Personnel
173 Breaking bindweed: Can plant growth regulators disrupt apical dominance, deplete a persistent bud bank, and improve the control of perennial weed species in specialty crops? Sosnoskie, L.
Burke, I.
Granatstein, D.
164 Combined Soils and High Residue Farming Workshop and Summary Publication McGuire, A.
Granatstein, D.
138 Monitoring Uptake of Legume N by Apple Trees Using Nitrogen Isotope Discrimination Granatstein, D.
Davenport, J.
Pavek, P.
132 Economic Costs and Benefits of Soil Improvement Practices McGuire, A.
Galinato, S.
Granatstein, D.
Tozer, P.
117 Development of Washington Organic Producer-Level Database on Crop Yields, Sales Value, and Price Brady, M.
Granatstein, D.
Kirby, E.
110 Combined Soil Quality Workshops for Irrigated Ag McGuire, A.
Granatstein, D.
085 Organic tree-fruit pest management – (OREI) Beers, E.
Brunner, J.
Granatstein, D.
Horton, D.
Jones, V.
Unruh, T.
046 Growing nitrogen in the organic orchard Davenport, J.
Granatstein, D.
033 Organic Orchard Equip Granatstein, D.
026 Farming for Food Quality – Symposium and Seminars Granatstein, D.
Miles, C.
006 Outreach and Education Granatstein, D.
004 Understory Management in Organic Tree Fruits and Other Woody Perennials Granatstein, D.
003 Trends in Organic Agriculture in the PNW Granatstein, D.
Kirby, E.