Debra Inglis Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s) Additional Personnel
161 Impact of fungal root endophytes on Verticillium wilt using cucurbits as model hosts Inglis, D.
Tymon, L
079 Effects of High Tunnels and Biodegradable Mulch Use on Fruit Quality and Yield in High-value Crops Miles, C.
Andrews, P.
Inglis, D.
Leonas, K.
076 Vegetable grafting for Verticillium dahliae resistance Miles, C.
Inglis, D.
087 Forecasting Late Blight for Northwestern Washington Organic Potato Production Inglis, D.
Gunderson, B.
041 Organic Potato Late Blight Prediction Tool Inglis, D.
Gunderson, B.
014 Evaluating vegetable varieties for organic systems Miles, C.
007 Organic Seed Treatments du Toit, L.
Inglis, D.
Miles, C.
005 Organic Transition Rotations for Northwestern Washington Inglis, D.
Miller, T.
Breum, T.