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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Investigator: Jones, S.

Breeding colored wheat and barley for nutrition and novelty for low-input integrated farms

In western Washington growers utilize small grains as a rotational crop to break disease and pest cycles as well as resting the soil between more…

Cascadia Grains Conference and Growing Grains Extension Publication

Small grains – wheat, barley, oats, and rye – have been in cultivation in Western Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia since the fur-trade era of…

Quantifying biological control of pear psylla in a cover crop system

Plant Breeding for Organic Agriculture Extension Course

There is a growing interest in breeding crop plants specifically for the challenges of organic agriculture as researchers begin to realize just how different the…

Evaluating and Developing Varieties for Organic Systems in Western Washington

The objective of this proposed research was to determine the relationship between agroecological factors (including climatic conditions, soil characteristics and wheat variety) and value-added traits…

Evaluating and developing varieties for organic systems

Trends in Organic Agriculture in the PNW

The project supported the collection, compilation, analysis, and outreach for statistics regarding the organic sector in Washington State. This required cooperation with the certifiers who…

Organic Seed Production and Quality