Stephen Jones Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s) Additional Personnel
140 Cascadia Grains Conference and Growing Grains Extension Publication Patzek, L.
Corbin, A.
Hayes, P.
Jones, S.
075 Quantifying biological control of pear psylla in a cover crop system Horton, D.
Jones, V.
Unruh, T.
063 Plant Breeding for Organic Agriculture Extension Course Jones, S.
Colley, M.
Navazio, J.
049 Evaluating and Developing Varieties for Organic Systems in Western Washington Jones, S.
008 Evaluating and developing varieties for organic systems Jones, S.
003 Trends in Organic Agriculture in the PNW Granatstein, D.
Kirby, E.
001 Organic Seed Production and Quality Jones, S.