Rebecca McGee Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s) Additional Personnel
145 Bi-Functional Crops: Fall-sown cool season grain legumes provide cover crop attributes Guy, S.
Coyne, C.
Hu, J.
McGee, R.
Miles, C.
Porter, L.
143 The Search for Acid-tolerant Rhizobia to Improve Pulse Production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
McGee, R.
Vandemark, G.
103 Development of winter pea lines for intercropping purposes Hulbert, S.
McGee, R.
099 Lentil Selection to Reduce Dietary Intake of Arsenic Carpenter-Boggs, L.
Roje, S.
Coyne, C.
Harsh, J.
Islam, M.
McGee, R.
Piaskowski, J.
093 Intercropping, Precision Weed Management, and Pea Breeding for Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
Burke, I.
Koenig, R.
McGee, R.
Ott-Borrelli, K.