Carol Miles Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s) Additional Personnel
180 Can lignin degrading organisms reduce Verticillium wilt in pumpkin cropping systems? Tymon, L
Miles, C.
152 WSU Plasticulture website development Cowan, J.
Miles, C.
145 Bi-Functional Crops: Fall-sown cool season grain legumes provide cover crop attributes Guy, S.
Coyne, C.
Hu, J.
McGee, R.
Miles, C.
Porter, L.
142 Garden-based STEM nutrition and biology K-12 curriculum to increase pulse consumption Miles, C.
Smith, D.
128 Online Training Module for Grafting Vegetable Transplants Miles, C.
123 Production Cost Estimation of Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard in Washington State Miles, C.
Galinato, S.
Gallardo, K.
116 Planning for a Phase II SCRI grant proposal on ‘Utilization and Versatility of Biodegradable Agricultural Materials in Specialty Crop Production’ Koenig, R.
Miles, C.
111 Increasing local dry bean production and markets through on-farm variety trials and nutrition education Betz, D.
Miles, C.
106 Workshops: Tomato Grafting Techniques for Soil-Borne Disease Resistance Miles, C.
096 Evaluating Apple Varieties for Hard Cider Production Miles, C.
079 Effects of High Tunnels and Biodegradable Mulch Use on Fruit Quality and Yield in High-value Crops Miles, C.
Andrews, P.
Inglis, D.
Leonas, K.
076 Vegetable grafting for Verticillium dahliae resistance Miles, C.
Inglis, D.
048 Weed management in establishing an organic wine grape vineyard Miles, C.
Miller, T.
Moulton, G.
026 Farming for Food Quality – Symposium and Seminars Granatstein, D.
Miles, C.
023 Production and quality of winter grown organic vegetables in Washington Koenig, R.
Miles, C.
Ott-Borrelli, K.
014 Evaluating vegetable varieties for organic systems Miles, C.
009 Alternatives to Plastic Mulch for Organic Vegetable Production Miles, C.
008 Evaluating and developing varieties for organic systems Jones, S.
007 Organic Seed Treatments du Toit, L.
Inglis, D.
Miles, C.
001 Organic Seed Production and Quality Jones, S.