Mustard Green Manure Publications

10 Publications

Mustard Types, Seed Sources & Acreage Estimates

Types of mustard for green manures, contacts for WA seed and estimates for mustard acreage by year.

Mustard Varieties for Green Manuring

Choosing mustard varieties and on-farm research results on variety biomass measurements and glucosinolate concentrations and production.

Implementing Mustard Green Manure Crops on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation – August 2009

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

2008 Partial Budget Analysis for the Replacement of Metam Sodium by a Mustard Green Manure

Partial budget for fumigant replacement.

Green Manuring Mustard: Improving an Old Technology – June 2003

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

Mustard Green Manures

WSU Extension Bulletin FS219E. Updated in 2016

Using Green Manures in Potato Cropping Systems

WSU Extension Bulletin FS218E. Revised 2016.

Mustard Green Manures Replace Fumigant and Improve Infiltration in Potato Cropping System

Published in Plant Management Network; August 2003.

Green Manuring with Mustard: Improving an Old Technology

Green manure summary article in Agrichemical & Environmental News, June 2003.

Gies On-Farm Research

On-farm research system description and research results 1999-2001.