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An Economic Analysis of the Potential for Carbon Credits to Improve Profitability of Conservation Tillage Systems Across Washington State

Chapter 24 in Climate Friendly Farming: Improving the Carbon Footprint of Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest. Full report available at http://csanr.wsu.edu/pages/Climate_Friendly_Farming_Final_Report/.

Economic Enterprise Budgets for Conservation Tillage Systems in Washington State.

Appendix A: Lind Conventional and Reduced Tillage

Appendix B: St. John Conventional Tillage

Appendix C: St. John No Tillage

Appendix D: Pullman Conventional Tillage

Appendix E: Pullman Reduced Tillage

Appendix F: Pullman No Tillage

Appendix G: Irrigated Conventional Tillage

Appendix H: Irrigated Reduced Tillage

No-Till: How Farmers Are Saving the Soil by Parking their Plows

Huggins and Reganold. Article published in Scientific American July 2008.

Comparing tillage and mulching for organic orchard performance

Wiman, M., Kirby, E., Granatstein, D., Mullinix, K. 2008. Poster presented at 2008 BIOAg Research Symposium.

No-till: The quiet revolution

Huggins, D.R. and J.P. Reganold. 2008. Scientific American 299(July):70-77.

High Residue Farming Under Irrigation: Why Wait? – Summer 2007

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter. Summer 2007.

Cost Savings from Reduced Tillage in a Potato/Corn/Corn Rotation under Center Pivot Irrigation, Columbia Basin

Poster presentation from 2006 Paterson Field Day.

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