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Washington Organic Tree Fruit acres, 2004.

Apples, pears, soft fruit. Variety detail. Multi-year trends.

Organic Feed for Washington State

March 2007. A powerpoint presentation ((PDF) from recent workshops on the shortage of organic feed in the state and region.

Washington State organic profile – 2006

An overview of organic agriculture statistics for the state, including acres and farms by county, farmgate sales by county, crop breakdown, livestock and organic tree fruit trends. A Powerpoint presentation in PDF format.

Organic Tree Fruit trends report

March 2007. A comprehensive report (PDF) on acreage trends and prices for Washington organic apples, pears, and cherries, as well as some national and global data.

Profile of Organic Crops and Livestock in Washington State – 2006

A comprehensive report (PDF) with all the available statistics for organic production in the state.

Status of Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State – 2008

December 2008. A report on organic tree fruit area, prices, and trends for 2008, with data from previous years.

Organic Agriculture in Washington State

June 2009. Graphical presentation of 2008 data for the organic sector in the state. Powerpoint presentation.

Organic Tree Fruit Trends, Washington State, 2008

A Powerpoint presentation summarizing the most recent data on organic tree fruit in the state, showing a 60% increase in certified organic apple acres.

Profile of organic crops in Washington State – 2007

June 2008. A comprehensive report (PDF) on organic crop production in the state, including acreage totals by crop and county, and farmgate sales by county.

Organic Tree Fruit Trends 2010

PowerPoint presentation.

The New Farm

an on-line magazine from Rodale Press

Has the Organic Bubble Burst? Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production

Forthcoming article in Washington State Horticulture Association 2010 Annual Meeting Proceedings. Presented on Dec. 8, 2010, Yakima, WA, USA. Granatstein, D. & E. Kirby.

Preliminary data tree fruit on organic acres in Washington State

Trends in Washington State Organic Agriculture

Kirby, E. and D. Granatstein. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS001E. 2009. This fact sheet summarizes 2008 certification data gathered for organic agriculture in Washington, including acreages and sales for forage, vegetables, and tree fruit. Color graphs illustrate a general growth in numbers since 2004.

Organic Farming Sector Grows in Washington State – May 2009

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

2009 Organic Agriculture in Washington State

PowerPoint presentation on certified crop and livestock trends.

2009 Organic tree fruit trends in Washington State.

PowerPoint presentation summarizing most recent and historical data on organic tree fruit in the state.

2009 organic acreage tables for specific crops certified in Washington State (2004-2009)

Estimated Certified Organic Crop Acreage in Oregon and Washington States – June 2006

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

2003 map Distribution of organic farms and acreage, by county

Washington State organic tree fruit acres – 2003

(includes some data from previous years)

Washington State Organic Acres, by crop – 2003

Organic Farming Continues to Expand in Washington – March 2003

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

2003 growers, handlers, processors, by county

2001 map Distribution of organic farms and acreage, by county

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