About the FQPA: The Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) substantially changed the basic standards governing allowable levels of pesticides in food. Passed in 1996, it led to major changes in how the EPA conducts pesticide dietary risk assessments and sets acceptable pesticide tolerance levels.

The tables below show the degree to which the FQPA has reduced aggregate FS-DRI risk across a variety of foods. Tables 1a and 1b show the total FS-DRI and average FS-DRI for several food categories, with domestically produced foods shown in 1a and imported foods shown in 1b. Table 2a and 2b show the foods for the food category selected on the left. Tables 3a and 3b show the 10 pesticides with the highest FS-DRI in each food category.

More about the FQPA, impacts of ongoing phase-outs, and details on limits and caveat can be found on the FQPA Introduction Page.