Andy McGuire


In June of 1999, Andy started work as the Lauzier Ag Systems Educator. In this position, funded through an endowment from the Paul Lauzier Charitable Foundation, Andy is working to develop solutions to irrigated farming challenges in the Columbia Basin. His current focus is on helping farmers build soils through cover cropping, high residue farming systems, and alternative weed control practices. In all this work, he strives to increase on-farm profits and help farmers find ways to balance economic and environmental needs.

Before coming to Washington, Andy was with the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension. While there, he worked with farmer groups across the state involved in management-intensive grazing, direct marketing of meats, cover cropping, organic grain farming, and alternative crops.

Andy has a B.S. degree in Agricultural Engineering from Colorado State University and a M.S. degree in Agronomy from the University of California-Davis. He served in the Peace Corps as a rural water engineer in Ecuador from 1988-1990 and worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service for three years in Western Colorado.

Andy, his wife Melinda, and their daughters, Abigael, Briana, and Elise live in Ephrata.

Contact Information

Irrigated Cropping Systems Agronomist

WSU Extension
Grant and Adams Counties
PO Box 37
Ephrata, WA 98823
509-754-2011, ext. 413
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