Craig Frear


After completing his Ph.D in Biological Systems Engineering at WSU in 2009, Craig Frear joins the CSANR staff with responsibilities for applied research and technology transfer support for the Climate Friendly Farming Program’s anaerobic digestion efforts. Dr. Frear coordinated the CFF Teams efforts to evaluate a commercial anaerobic digester, development of novel AD technology, evaluation and fabrication of pilot nutrient recovery technologies, and support for state policy development around anaerobic digestion. Now as Assistant Professor, Dr. Frear brings an excellent combination of skills and connection with the campus-based Bioprocessing and Bioproducts Engineering Laboratory (BBEL) housed within the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, industry technology providers, agricultural producers, organic waste managers and government agencies. He is committed to developing and evaluating bioproduct/bioprocessing technology that can address environmental needs of organic waste management while establishing value-added enterprises in the context of supporting sustainable farming systems.

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Assistant Professor

Biological Systems Engineering
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