Liz Allen

Liz came to work as a Research Associate with CSANR after completing her Ph.D. research at WSU’s School of the Environment, where she worked with the BioEarth research team to facilitate engagement with regional stakeholders, including representatives from NGOs, industry and government agencies. Liz is interested in how interdisciplinary, participatory research approaches can enhance the “usability” of climate models for adaptation and mitigation decision-making. Currently, Liz is working on several projects related to food systems sustainability in a changing climate, writing about agriculture and climate science for diverse audiences and conducting interviews to understand evolving perceptions about opportunities and challenges for local food production. Liz earned her B.S. in Biology at the University of Oregon, and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University in Massachusetts. Prior to her graduate research, Liz spent two years in Armenia as a Peace Corps volunteer, training high school science teachers in problem-based learning and getting first-hand experience in subsistence farming. A native of the Northwest, Liz currently lives in Massachusetts.

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Research Associate

Cambridge, MA
(774) 437-2819
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