Nicholas Kennedy

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Nicholas Kennedy is an Associate in Research at CSANR with a research emphasis in renewable energy derived from the anaerobic degradation of organic and ruminant waste. Nick received his BS from the University of California, San Diego in environmental science and his MS from Washington State University in biological and agricultural engineering. Therefore, he has a strong understanding into the many reasons why we as a society should minimize inorganic and organic waste. He also understands how valuable and crucial renewable energy production is for the US. This is one of the reasons he has devoted his recent work experience to developing and disseminating innovative technologies to private and public entities for the advancement of anaerobic digestion in the US.

When not glued to his computer writing, editing and developing new ways to promote anaerobic digestion and other renewable energy technologies, Nick is spends time enjoying one of two places that makes him feel interconnected to nature in Southern California—the ocean or in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

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Associate in Research

Huntington Beach, CA