Caldwell Publications

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Development of plant bioassay to detect herbicide contamination of compost at or below practical analytical detection limits

Fauci, M., D. Bezdicek, D. Caldwell, and R. Finch. 2002. Bull Environ Contam and Toxicol. 68 (1):79-85.

Persistent herbicides in compost

Bezdicek, D., M. Fauci, D. Caldwell, R. Finch, and J. Lang. 2001. Biocycle. 42 (7):25-30.

Compost quality: new threats from persistent herbicides

Bezdicek, David, Mary Fauci, Dan Caldwell, and Rick Finch. 2000. Agrichem and Environ News 174: 9-13. WSU Extension.

End-product Quality and Agronomic Performance of Compost

Fauci, M.F., D.F. Bezdicek, D. Caldwell and R. Finch. 1999. Published in Compost Sci Util 1(2) 1999. Presented here with permission from jgpress.