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Biomass Inventory and Bioenergy Assessment: An Evaluation of Organic Material Resources for Bioenergy Production in Washington State.

Frear C., Zhao B., Fu G., Richardson M., Chen S., Fuchs M.R. 2005. A collaborative project between the Washington Dept of Ecology,and Washington State University’s Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

Biomass Inventory and Bioenergy Assessment

Craig Frear, Bingcheng Zhao, Guobin Fu, Michael Richardson, Shulin Chen, and Mark Fuchs, December 2005. A biomass inventory and bioenergy assessment of forty five organic resource types across Washington was completed, producing this report and a database with GIS maps (http://www.pacificbiomass.org). Annual production of over 16.4 million tons of underutilized bone dry biomass was found, capable of producing (either by combustion or anaerobic digestion) over 15.5 billion kWh of electrical energy.

Bioenergy inventory and assessment for Eastern Washington.

Shulin Chen, Craig Frear, BingCheng Zhao, and Guobin Fu. October 2003. This Phase 1 project assessed Eastern Washington′s twenty counties for available biomass and calculated the potential energy production from twenty four organic resource types. Annual production of 4.3 million tons of underutilized dry biomass was found.