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Reduced nitrate leaching and enhanced denitrifier activity and efficiency in organically fertilized soils.

S.B. Kramer, J.P. Reganold, J.D. Glover, B.J.M. Bohannan, and H.A. Mooney. 2006. Proc. Natl. Academy Sciences 103:4522-4527.

A Cost of Production Analysis of Conventional vs. Integrated vs. Organic apple Production Systems

J. Glover, H. Hinman, J. Reganold, P. Andrews. 2002. , WSU Agr. Res. Center. Publ. XB1041, Pullman, WA

Soil and plant mineral nutrition and fruit quality under organic, conventional, and integrated apple production systems in Washington State, USA.

P.K. Andrews, J.K. Fellman, J.D. Glover, J.P. Reganold. 2001. Acta Hort. 564:291-298.

Sustainability of three apple production systems

Reganold JP, Glover JG, Andrews PK, Hinman HR. 2001. Nature 410:926-930.

Systematic method for rating soil quality of conventional, organic, and integrated apple orchards in Washington State

J.D. Glover, J.P. Reganold, P.K. Andrews. 2000. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 80:29-45.