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Economic Analysis for Transitioning to Organic Grain (poster)

May 2008

Cost Savings from Reduced Tillage in a Potato/Corn/Corn Rotation under Center Pivot Irrigation, Columbia Basin

Poster presentation from 2006 Paterson Field Day.

Alternative Strategies to Transition to Organic Grain Production in the Palouse – September 2003

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

A Cost of Production Analysis of Conventional vs. Integrated vs. Organic apple Production Systems

J. Glover, H. Hinman, J. Reganold, P. Andrews. 2002. , WSU Agr. Res. Center. Publ. XB1041, Pullman, WA

Sustainability of three apple production systems

Reganold JP, Glover JG, Andrews PK, Hinman HR. 2001. Nature 410:926-930.