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Organic horticulture expands globally

Granatstein, D., Kirby, E., Willer, H. 2010. Chronica Hort. December 2010. 50(4):31-38.

Organic Tree Fruit Trends 2010

PowerPoint presentation.

First National Survey of Organic Agriculture Production Released – April 2010

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

Has the Organic Bubble Burst? Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production

Forthcoming article in Washington State Horticulture Association 2010 Annual Meeting Proceedings. Presented on Dec. 8, 2010, Yakima, WA, USA. Granatstein, D. & E. Kirby.

Oregon Organic Statistics for 2009

Tables of organic cropland acres, county distribution, livestock, and farm gate sales.

Organic Produce Terminal Market Prices

A custom-generated report in Excel compiles weekly market prices for organic fruit and vegetables over a one year time period (week ending 6/13/09 to week ending 6/12/2010) for terminal produce markets in 13 US cities. The report includes all organic fruit and vegetable commodities (including some fresh herbs, but excluding ornamentals) and was generated using the interactive USDA-AMS Fruit and Vegetable Market News Portal. To access the portal go to . Here you can find weekly National Fruit and Vegetable Organic Summary reports on pricing and movement or generate custom reports by commodity and/or terminal.

Cover Crops Influence Meadow Vole Presence in Organic Orchards

M. R. Wiman, Kirby, E. M., Granatstein, D. M., Sullivan, T. P. HortTechnology July–September 2009 19(3).

Trends in Washington State Organic Agriculture

Kirby, E. and D. Granatstein. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS001E. 2009. This fact sheet summarizes 2008 certification data gathered for organic agriculture in Washington, including acreages and sales for forage, vegetables, and tree fruit. Color graphs illustrate a general growth in numbers since 2004.

Organic Farming Sector Grows in Washington State – May 2009

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

2009 Organic tree fruit trends in Washington State.

PowerPoint presentation summarizing most recent and historical data on organic tree fruit in the state.

Oregon Statistics 2009

Powerpoint file of 2009 Oregon organic sector statistics

Comparing tillage and mulching for organic orchard performance

Wiman, M., Kirby, E., Granatstein, D., Mullinix, K. 2008. Poster presented at 2008 BIOAg Research Symposium.

Research Brief: Market and Opportunities for Organic Feed Production in Eastern Washington – April 2007

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

Estimated Certified Organic Crop Acreage in Oregon and Washington States – June 2006

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

Organic Tree Fruit Production Continues to Expand – September 2003

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production

CSANR Technical Report #4

Reducing Food Safety Risks in Apples: A Self-Assessment Workbook for Producers of Apples, Juice and Cider

CSANR Technical Report #2

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