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Leaching Bed Reactor for Producing Stabilized Plant Growing Media from Dairy Manure

Liao, W., Frear, C., Oakley, K., Chen, S. (2010). Biosystems Engineering 106(3), 278-285.

High Quality Fiber and Fertilizer as Co-Products from Anaerobic Digestion

Kruger, C.E., Chen, S., MacConnell, C.B., Harrison, J.H., Shumway, C.R., Zhang, T., Oakley, K., Bishop, C., Frear, C., Davidson, D., and Bowers, K. (2008). Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 63(1), 12A-13A.

Dairy Waste in the Horticultural Industry – December 2006

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter