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On-Farm Livestock Mortality Composting – June 2010

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

On-Farm Composting of Large Animal Mortalities

Price, C. and L. Carpenter-Boggs. WSU Extension Bulletin EB2021E. 2008. Composting can be a safe and effective method for disposing of on-farm mortalities when the correct procedures are followed and the system is managed well. This bulletin provides the necessary information for large animal producers in Washington State to start and maintain a safe and effective on-farm mortality composting system.

Compost Research and Extension for Biologically Intensive and Organic Agriculture

Poster presentation – BIOAg Research Symposium 2008.

Identifying and Harnessing HIPPOs for Hop and Grape Pest Management

Dr. David James, Department of Entomology, WSU Prosser. Biological control and integrated pest management in irrigated horticultural cropping systems. Using and understanding natural enemies to provide biocontrol and reduce pesticide use in hops and grapes. HIPPO stands for Herbivore-Induced Plant Protection Odor.