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Biofuel Economics and Policy for Washington State

This report is a comprehensive response to 2007 Washington State legislation (HB 1303) that tasked Washington State University to 1) analyze the types and corresponding amounts of biofuel in the state and 2) recommend viable incentive programs to promote biofuel market development. Inside you will find policy recommendations based on analysis of a broad set of policy options, including renewable fuel standards and subsidies, carbon taxes, as well as approaches to support research, implementation of new technologies, and creation of infrastructure.

Potential for a Sugar Beet Ethanol Industry in Washington State

A Report to the Washington State Department of Agriculture. School of Economic Sciences. WSU. March 2009

A Rising Price Tide has Raised All Commodities, but Winter Canola Still Nets Less than Soft White Winter Wheat in the Irrigated Columbia Basin.

2008 Dryland Field Day Abstracts: Highlights of Research Progress, pp. 20-21. Crop & Soil Sciences, WSU.