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Reduced Tillage on Organic Farms Virtual Field Day

WSU researchers and extension educators are researching different methods for reducing tillage in organic vegetable production. This video demonstrates termination of barley and vetch cover crops with a roller/crimper and flail mower.

2011 Current Status of Organic Agriculture in Washington State

Powerpoint presentation on certified crop, livestock, and farmgate sales trends.

Organic Tree Fruit Trends 2011

PowerPoint presentation.

WSU Vegetable Research and Extension

Vegetable crop production and alternative crop development such as edamame, wasabi, bamboo, and organic seed production. Work is targeted for both small-scale and large commercial growers, with emphasis on organic production. Links include new fact sheets and information on grafted vegetables .

The Second Solution: Agriculture’s Role – video featuring eastern Washington farmer John Aeschliman

The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative aims to galvanize farmers, foresters, community leaders, and thinkers to demonstrate the essential role that natural systems can play in ensuring long-term climate stability. The Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources is part of this collaboration with several of the Northwest’s leading conservation organizations who see this effort as a logical extension of our region’s rich natural resource heritage and our history of groundbreaking innovation and stewardship.

Conventionalization, civic engagement, and the sustainability of organic agriculture

Goldberger, J. 2011. Journal of Rural Studies 27(3):288-296.

Oregon Organic Statistics 2010

July, 2011. Tables of organic cropland acres and county distribution for 2005-2010. Livestock numbers and farmgate sales are not included.

Potential nitrogen contributions from legumes in Pacific Northwest apple orchards

Mullinix, K. and Granatstein, D. 2011. Intl. J. Fruit Sci. 11:74-87.

Cover crops in orchards and vineyards

WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center webpage. Contains links to additional resources and presentations.

2010 Current Status of Organic Agriculture in Washington State

PowerPoint presentation on certified crop and livestock trends.

Washington State Certified Organic Acreage, Sales and Dairy Cattle (2005-2010 tables)

Status of Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State and Other Regions: 2010

(Revised Feb. 7, 2012)

High Residue Farming under Irrigation – Workshops

Digests and agendas from yearly WSU Extension High Residue Farming under Irrigation workshops in Moses Lake, Washington. 2004 to present.

High Residue Farming under Irrigation

Andy McGuire, Agricultural Systems Educator WSU Extension. Program website.

2004 map Distribution of organic farms and acreage, by county

Distribution of organic farms and acreage, by county.

Certified Organic Production: The experiences and perspectives of Washington Farmers

July 2008. A report on a 2007 statewide survery of organic producers done by Dr. Jessica Goldberger, WSU Community and Rural Sociology. CRS Information Series No. 1-08, Pullman, WA.

Profile of organic crops in Washington State – 2008

February 2009. A comprehensive report (PDF) on organic crop production in the state, including acreage totals by crop and county, farmgate sales by county, and results from the 2007 Census of Agriculture.

Idaho organic acres

by crop and livestock, for both 2004 and 2005. Data from some certifiers is missing for both years.

Organic Tree Fruit Trends, Washington State, 2008

A Powerpoint presentation summarizing the most recent data on organic tree fruit in the state, showing a 60% increase in certified organic apple acres.

Washington Organic Tree Fruit acres, 2004.

Apples, pears, soft fruit. Variety detail. Multi-year trends.

Organic Feed for Washington State

March 2007. A powerpoint presentation ((PDF) from recent workshops on the shortage of organic feed in the state and region.

Status of Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State – 2008

December 2008. A report on organic tree fruit area, prices, and trends for 2008, with data from previous years.

Organic Agriculture in Washington State

June 2009. Graphical presentation of 2008 data for the organic sector in the state. Powerpoint presentation.

Profile of Organic Crops and Livestock in Washington State – 2006

A comprehensive report (PDF) with all the available statistics for organic production in the state.

Organic Tree Fruit trends report

March 2007. A comprehensive report (PDF) on acreage trends and prices for Washington organic apples, pears, and cherries, as well as some national and global data.

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