2001 Publications

Soil and plant mineral nutrition and fruit quality under organic, conventional, and integrated apple production systems in Washington State, USA.

P.K. Andrews, J.K. Fellman, J.D. Glover, J.P. Reganold. 2001. Acta Hort. 564:291-298.

Organic Methods of Root Rot Control in Raspberries

WSU Vancouver. 2001.

Sustainability of three apple production systems

Reganold JP, Glover JG, Andrews PK, Hinman HR. 2001. Nature 410:926-930.

Effects of compost, coal ash, and straw amendments on restoring the quality of eroded Palouse soil

Cox, D., D. Bezdicek, M. Fauci. 2001. Biol Fertil Soils 33:365–372.

Persistent herbicides in compost

Bezdicek, D., M. Fauci, D. Caldwell, R. Finch, and J. Lang. 2001. Biocycle. 42 (7):25-30.

Composting of Poultry Offal Demonstration Project

Bary, A., C. Miles and K. Gilbert. 2001. Report of a demonstration project conducted at Middle Farm, Lopez Island. The project objectives were to develop a successful composting process using poultry offal produced on the farm and to produce finished compost that is environmentally sound, economically feasible and returns nutrients to the farm.

Gies On-Farm Research

On-farm research system description and research results 1999-2001.

Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production (through 2001)

D. Granatstein and E. Kirby. 2002. CSANR Report No. 4, Wenatchee, WA. 24 pp. A PDF manuscript presenting organic tree fruit acreages in Washington State along with national and international estimates. Price trends are also included. Data cover through the end of 2001.

Organic Tree Fruit links pre-2001

Data available for organic tree fruit production between 1988 and 2001.

2001 map Distribution of organic farms and acreage, by county

Reducing Food Safety Risks in Apples: A Self-Assessment Workbook for Producers of Apples, Juice and Cider

CSANR Technical Report #2