2002 Publications

A Cost of Production Analysis of Conventional vs. Integrated vs. Organic apple Production Systems

J. Glover, H. Hinman, J. Reganold, P. Andrews. 2002. , WSU Agr. Res. Center. Publ. XB1041, Pullman, WA

Sustainable Agriculture in Washington State

CSANR Technical Report #5

Cultivating Biological Connections – Proceedings of the Northwest Symposium on Organic and Biologically Intensive Farming: Advances in Research and Education

On November 8, 2002, CSANR co-sponsored this Symposium in Yakima, Washington, in conjunction with the annual conference of Tilth Producers of Washington. About 220 people attended, with half being growers, a quarter from universities, and the balance a mix of consultants, agency personnel, and commercial representatives. The symposium featured a poster session with over 45 presentations.

An Assessment of Organic Farming Research, Teaching and Extension at Washington State University

CSANR Technical Report #3

The Art and Science of Composting: A resource for farmers and compost producers

Cooperband, L. March, 2002. University of WI – Madison.

Development of plant bioassay to detect herbicide contamination of compost at or below practical analytical detection limits

Fauci, M., D. Bezdicek, D. Caldwell, and R. Finch. 2002. Bull Environ Contam and Toxicol. 68 (1):79-85.

Herbicide in Compost

This broadcast discusses aspects of compost contamination by persistent herbicides, such as picloram and clopyralid, which became an issue in 2000. Also discusses subsequent herbicide label and use rule changes. Featured guests: Dave Bezdicek and Mary Fauci from the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and Dan Caldwell, compost manager for WSU. Posted via RealPlayer. Also available via Windows Media.

Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production

CSANR Technical Report #4