2015 Publications

Trends and Economics of Washington State Organic Vegetable Production

D. Granatstein, E. Kirby, and M. Brady. WSU Extension Fact Sheet EM097E. Sept. 2015. 29 pages. Contains details on area, value, yields, prices, and revenue per acre for organic sweet corn, green peas, snap beans, potatoes, onions, and carrot. Includes distributions of yields and prices, references on production costs, and break-even tables. Based on data from 2009-2012.

Bio-Oil: An Introduction to Fast Pyrolysis and its Applications

Murray, T.,  F. Resende, and G. Luo. 2014.  WSU Fact Sheet FS140E. The United States has targeted biofuels generated from domestic biomass supplies as a significant contributor for future liquid fuel supplies. Reliance on domestic fuel production opens the door for a wide range of opportunities for natural resource managers, farmers, and other landowners who will be instrumental in developing the industry, its technologies, and its utilization of agricultural crop residues and forestry biomass. This publication discusses bio-oil produced via fast pyrolysis, its applications, and associated biomass feedstocks.

Current status of certified organic agriculture in Washington State: 2014

Kirby E. and D. Granatstein. A summary of the 2014 organic crop acres, livestock numbers and organic farm gate sales in the state, as well as some data on global trends.  Includes multi-year graphs of selected crops, dairy, and sales.  Powerpoint format.

Modeling environmental change: A guide to understanding model results that explore the impacts of climate change on regional environmental systems

Allen, E., G. Yorgey, K. Rajagopalan, and C. Kruger. 2015. WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS159E.

On-Farm Evaluation and Demonstration of Small-Scale Biogas Technology

Kruger, C. 2009.  Final Report to USDA SARE. This project supported the development, fabrication and demonstration of a biogas technology application for small farms.

Whatcom County Small-Scale Biogas Technology Poster

The Dairy Manure Biorefinery

Graphic poster depicting the biorefinery concept. Developed by Nick Kennedy, Jingwei Ma, Craig Frear, Georgine Yorgey, Tara Zimmerman, Chad Kruger, and Jim Jensen.

Trends and Economics of Washington State Organic Blueberry Production

Brady, M., E. Kirby, and D. Granatstein.  WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS154E. April 2015.

Washington Organic Agriculture at a Glance

A short summary of some key statistics about organic agriculture in the state, with data updated through 2013.

Recent Trends in Certified Organic Tree Fruit: Washington State 2014

Kirby, E. and D. Granatstein.  Current statistics on organic tree fruit acreage trends, varieties, shipments, prices, and exports. Includes global area data as well as cost of production data for Washington. Annotated Powerpoint format.