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Breaking bindweed: Can plant growth regulators disrupt apical dominance, deplete a persistent bud bank, and improve the control of perennial weed species in specialty crops?

Field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) is notoriously difficult to manage in specialty crop systems, particularly those under organic production. Perennial species possess the abundant nutrient reserves…

Precision application of organic amendments for improved soil quality in replant orchards

During apple orchard renewal, Apple Replant Disease (ARD) and soil degradation can lead to inconsistent infill vigor and uneven fruit production. Brassica seed meal is…

Building Soils for Better Crops Workshop

Identification of Root Disease-Causing Organisms and Their Management in Washington Raspberries

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Wheat Grown in Washington State

Evaluation of Wheat Varieties for Mutualism with Endomycorrhizal Fungi to Improve Phosphorus Uptake

Statewide Farmer Survey – BIOAg Stats

Market Price Analysis for Washington Organic Apples and Pears

Evaluation of seed and drench treatments for organic production

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