Alternative Crops and Cropping Systems Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
155 High Residue Farming under Irrigation Education at the PNDSA Conference McGuire, A.
152 WSU Plasticulture website development Cowan, J.
148 Breeding colored wheat and barley for nutrition and novelty for low-input integrated farms Jones, S.
143 The Search for Acid-tolerant Rhizobia to Improve Pulse Production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
142 Garden-based STEM nutrition and biology K-12 curriculum to increase pulse consumption Miles, C.
140 Cascadia Grains Conference and Growing Grains Extension Publication Patzek, L.
134 Introducing Organic Quinoa Production Systems in the Palouse Reganold, J.
133 Beyond beef and barley soup: Development of nutritionally dense, hulless food barley varieties for organic farmers Murphy, K.
127 Agroecological Assessment of Farming in the Rural-Urban Interface: Building Resiliency in Regional Food Systems Ostrom, M.
123 Production Cost Estimation of Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard in Washington State Miles, C.
121 Using the BioIntensive Technique of Intercropping Teff (Eragrostis tef) into Timothy to Improve the Economic Sustainability of Timothy Norberg, S.
120 Interrow cultivation and intercropping for organic transition in dryland crop production systems Burke, I.
116 Planning for a Phase II SCRI grant proposal on ‘Utilization and Versatility of Biodegradable Agricultural Materials in Specialty Crop Production’ Koenig, R.
Miles, C.
112 Developing adapted varieties and optimal management practices for quinoa in diverse environments across Washington State Murphy, K.
111 Increasing local dry bean production and markets through on-farm variety trials and nutrition education Betz, D.
Miles, C.
103 Development of winter pea lines for intercropping purposes Hulbert, S.
102 Developing research information to evaluate camelina and canola in a livestock feeding system Llewellyn, D.
101 The potential for data-based irrigation management adoption to improve the sustainability of water and nitrogen resources Brady, M.
097 Choosing and managing cover crops to improve weed management in reduced tillage organic vegetable production Cogger, C.
096 Evaluating Apple Varieties for Hard Cider Production Miles, C.
094 Evaluating yields and profitability of small-scale organic and biointensive vegetable production in Washington Young, D.
093 Intercropping, Precision Weed Management, and Pea Breeding for Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
084 Sustainable Farming of Woodland Crops Murray, T.
082 Biennial Canola for Forage and Ecosystem Improvement in Dryland Cropping Systems Kincaid, R.
080 Evaluation and development of buckwheat and quinoa as alternative small grains for Washington State organic farmers and consumers Jaeckel, B.
Murphy, K.
078 Alternative Forage and Fodder Crops for Livestock Production Benedict, C.
Corbin, A.
057 Regional Food Distribution System Enhancement Project Saez, H.
024 Economics of BIOAg Painter, K.
018 Winter Canola as a Rotation Crop in the Low and Intermediate Rainfall Regions of the Inland Pacific Northwest. Schillinger, B.