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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Topic: Food Systems

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Strategic Development of the Organic Agriculture Systems Major at WSU Everett

The goal of this project is to develop innovative approaches to delivering the Organic Agricultural Systems (OAS) major at the new WSU Everett campus. This…

Participatory On-Farm Agroecological Education: Assessing the Effectiveness of a 14 year Farmer-University Partnership

Recent decades have seen a growing recognition that diversified, small, organic and sustainable farms have been underserved by standard public agricultural research and extension paradigms…

Production Cost Estimation of Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard in Washington State

This project addresses the BIOAg priority of economic analysis by investigating the cost and returns for establishing a cider apple orchard in Washington. The enterprise…

Development of Washington Organic Producer-Level Database on Crop Yields, Sales Value, and Price

The continued growth in the organic food market presents many Washington growers with the difficult decision of whether to switch from conventional production. While a…

Agroecology of Urban Food Farming: Engaging scientists, producers and educators in collaborative BIOAg research planning

This proposal outlines the planning phase for the Agroecology of Urban Food Farming(UFF) project (previously submitted) which will analyze the effectiveness of BIOAg practices on…

Helping Hands, Healthy Community: A Harvest Education Project

Weeklong Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems Course

Washington State Coordinator for Cultivating Success Course

Market Price Analysis for Washington Organic Apples and Pears

Organic Apple Price in Response to Crop Size Supplied to the Market

In this analysis, we study the organic apple price response to crop size supplied to the market. We use the sales data from November 10,…
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