Production Systems Grants

ID Title Principal Investigator(s)
182 Stabilizing the OFoot Decision Support Tool for Interdisciplinary Research Carpenter-Boggs, L.
176 Strategic Development of the Organic Agriculture Systems Major at WSU Everett Ewing, B.
175 Participatory On-Farm Agroecological Education: Assessing the Effectiveness of a 14 year Farmer-University Partnership Ostrom, M.
171 Evaluating the Impacts of Border Vegetation Patterns on Multifunctional Biodiversity and Crop Production in Washington Blueberry Wasko-DeVetter, L.
172 Sustainable Crop-Livestock Integration for System Health in the Dryland Inland Pacific Northwest Tao, H.
164 Combined Soils and High Residue Farming Workshop and Summary Publication McGuire, A.
163 Building soil quality, enhancing soil microbial function, and alleviating chlorosis in Concord grapes with inter-row cover crops Sullivan, T.
159 Strip tillage and cover cropping for enhanced water use efficiency in western Washington organic vegetable farms Collins, D.
158 Rapid Evaluation of Winter Wheat Residue Decomposition Potential Carter, A.
152 WSU Plasticulture website development Cowan, J.
150 Determining the Effect of Biodegradable and Living Mulches on Annual Weeds and and Growth of Newly-planted Blueberry Miller, T.
148 Breeding colored wheat and barley for nutrition and novelty for low-input integrated farms Jones, S.
145 Bi-Functional Crops: Fall-sown cool season grain legumes provide cover crop attributes Guy, S.
143 The Search for Acid-tolerant Rhizobia to Improve Pulse Production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
142 Garden-based STEM nutrition and biology K-12 curriculum to increase pulse consumption Miles, C.
140 Cascadia Grains Conference and Growing Grains Extension Publication Patzek, L.
138 Monitoring Uptake of Legume N by Apple Trees Using Nitrogen Isotope Discrimination Granatstein, D.
134 Introducing Organic Quinoa Production Systems in the Palouse Reganold, J.
133 Beyond beef and barley soup: Development of nutritionally dense, hulless food barley varieties for organic farmers Murphy, K.
129 Cascadia Grains Conference Patzek, L.
127 Agroecological Assessment of Farming in the Rural-Urban Interface: Building Resiliency in Regional Food Systems Ostrom, M.
123 Production Cost Estimation of Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard in Washington State Miles, C.
121 Using the BioIntensive Technique of Intercropping Teff (Eragrostis tef) into Timothy to Improve the Economic Sustainability of Timothy Norberg, S.
120 Interrow cultivation and intercropping for organic transition in dryland crop production systems Burke, I.
118 Understanding the molecular basis of phytonutrient composition differences in organic tomatoes via quantitative transcriptome analysis Dhingra, A.
117 Development of Washington Organic Producer-Level Database on Crop Yields, Sales Value, and Price Brady, M.
116 Planning for a Phase II SCRI grant proposal on ‘Utilization and Versatility of Biodegradable Agricultural Materials in Specialty Crop Production’ Koenig, R.
Miles, C.
112 Developing adapted varieties and optimal management practices for quinoa in diverse environments across Washington State Murphy, K.
111 Increasing local dry bean production and markets through on-farm variety trials and nutrition education Betz, D.
Miles, C.
110 Combined Soil Quality Workshops for Irrigated Ag McGuire, A.
103 Development of winter pea lines for intercropping purposes Hulbert, S.
102 Developing research information to evaluate camelina and canola in a livestock feeding system Llewellyn, D.
101 The potential for data-based irrigation management adoption to improve the sustainability of water and nitrogen resources Brady, M.
097 Choosing and managing cover crops to improve weed management in reduced tillage organic vegetable production Cogger, C.
096 Evaluating Apple Varieties for Hard Cider Production Miles, C.
094 Evaluating yields and profitability of small-scale organic and biointensive vegetable production in Washington Young, D.
093 Intercropping, Precision Weed Management, and Pea Breeding for Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
090 Closing the Gap: Organic Wheat Variety Release in Eastern Washington Murphy, K.
089 Health Benefits of Conventional, Organic and No-till Whole Wheat Baik, B.-K.
Fuerst, P.
086 Tillage reduction and cover cropping for enhanced soil quality and weed management in western Washington organic vegetable farms (OREI) Collins, D.
084 Sustainable Farming of Woodland Crops Murray, T.
082 Biennial Canola for Forage and Ecosystem Improvement in Dryland Cropping Systems Kincaid, R.
081 Local and landscape-scale conservation of beneficial predators in Columbia Basin Potato Crops Snyder, W.
080 Evaluation and development of buckwheat and quinoa as alternative small grains for Washington State organic farmers and consumers Jaeckel, B.
Murphy, K.
078 Alternative Forage and Fodder Crops for Livestock Production Benedict, C.
Corbin, A.
077 Development of Economic and Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Tool for the Assessment of Nitrogen Fertilizers in Apple-Tree Fruit Industry Stockle, C.
Zaher, U.
087 Forecasting Late Blight for Northwestern Washington Organic Potato Production Inglis, D.
075 Quantifying biological control of pear psylla in a cover crop system Horton, D.
073 2009 BIOAg Tour: On-Site Demonstration of Farm Diversification and Sustainable Farming Practices VanVleet, S.
072 Short Course in Biodynamic Agriculture Murray, T.
071 Demonstration Improvements and Educational Aids for the Aeschliman Learning Site Kok, H.
068 Holistic Management Sustainability Conference: Creating a Sustainable Future for Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest Nelson, D.
067 Cultivating Success Small Farming and Ranching Course Munts, P.
065 Learning Organic Agriculture at WSU Reganold, J.
063 Plant Breeding for Organic Agriculture Extension Course Jones, S.
062 Low Disturbance Weed Control in Organic Dryland Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
057 Regional Food Distribution System Enhancement Project Saez, H.
055 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Wheat Grown in Washington State Ostrom, M.
054 Evaluating Soils Receiving Multiple Green Manures for Suppression of Verticillium dahliae McGuire, A.
053 Wheat Quality in Organic and Conventional Dryland Cropping Systems Fuerst, P.
050 Integrating low-disturbance organic grain and livestock production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
048 Weed management in establishing an organic wine grape vineyard Miles, C.
047 Assessing effects of an alfalfa cover crop on biological control and tree nutrition in organic pear orchards Jones, V.
046 Growing nitrogen in the organic orchard Davenport, J.
045 Evaluation of seed treatments for organic vegetable production in the Pacific Northwest du Toit, L.
034 Field Roller Special Equipment Purchase Bary, A.
Cogger, C.
033 Organic Orchard Equip Granatstein, D.
032 Organic Teaching Farm cultivator etc Jaeckel, B.
031 Cover Crops for Organic Weed Control Cogger, C.
044 Market Price Analysis for Washington Organic Apples and Pears Wang, H.
043 Evaluation of seed and drench treatments for organic production Carpenter-Boggs, L.
du Toit, L.
024 Economics of BIOAg Painter, K.
023 Production and quality of winter grown organic vegetables in Washington Koenig, R.
Miles, C.
021 Strategies to Achieve Ecological and Economic Goals in the Transition Phase of Eastern Washington Organic Dryland Grain Production Fuerst, P.
Koenig, R.
020 Nutrient Quality and Disease Prevention Benefits of Organic versus Conventional Tomatoes and their Products Andrews, P.
Davies, N.
019 Legume Data Mining Pan, B.
018 Winter Canola as a Rotation Crop in the Low and Intermediate Rainfall Regions of the Inland Pacific Northwest. Schillinger, B.
015 Nitrogen Supply and Partitioning in Managed Understories of Organic Apples Reganold, J.
013 Organic Apple Price in Response to Crop Size Supplied to the Market Wang, H.
014 Evaluating vegetable varieties for organic systems Miles, C.
011 Cover Crops for Weed Management in Organic and Transition Systems Cogger, C.
009 Alternatives to Plastic Mulch for Organic Vegetable Production Miles, C.
008 Evaluating and developing varieties for organic systems Jones, S.
007 Organic Seed Treatments du Toit, L.
Inglis, D.
005 Organic Transition Rotations for Northwestern Washington Inglis, D.
Miller, T.
004 Understory Management in Organic Tree Fruits and Other Woody Perennials Granatstein, D.
003 Trends in Organic Agriculture in the PNW Granatstein, D.
002 Weed Management in organic dryland spring wheat Gallagher, R.
001 Organic Seed Production and Quality Jones, S.