Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit

Chapter 3: Markets Count! Collecting, Managing & Deploying Your Farmers Market Data


The “Market Vitals” Project

The idea behind the “market vitals” project is to have an agreed up set of indicators for markets to collect. Each indicator would meet three criteria: be realistic for a one manager with one market to have the capacity to collect; be meaningful; and be able to be aggregated with other markets’ data at a larger scale – whether a city, county or even state.

Rapid Market Assessments

The “RMA” is part of many markets vocabulary today. This overview outline key feature of a RMA, links to the OSU Tools, and helps you find RMA reports from Pacific Northwest markets.


Vendor Survey Samples and Tips

Feedback from your vendors can help you make decisions, surface concerns and good ideas. So, the questions are how to structure surveys, when to do them, and what to do with the information once you have it?

  • Sample vendor surveys

Farmers Market Research and Data for Washington State

Summary of major research on farmers markets and data sources for Washington.



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