Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit

Chapter 9: Legal, Regulatory & Policy Issues in Washington State

ASCAP, BMI and Musicians at Your Farmers Market

Everyone loves live music at the farmers market. However, a new challenge has emerged from “publishing rights organizations” seeking expensive licenses in order to play copyrighted music.


Food Safety at our Farmers Markets

No one wants anyone to get sick from what they eat at a farmers market. Fortunately, there are excellent training materials available and resources at WSDA and WSU that can help. And what is GAPs?


Insurance Options for Farmers Markets and Vendors

Insurance helps reduce the risk of incurring liability for market accidents. However, insurance can be confusing. What types does your market need? Learn about the WSFMA’s insurance program and insurance options for vendors.


Market Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Having a solid Emergency Preparedness plan in place is a critical piece of your market’s risk management. Fortunately, the Michigan State Farmers Market Association has put together an excellent document with just about everything imaginable.


Farmers Market Advocacy and Policy

Working to change policy at any level is a team effort, based largely on relationships. Fortunately, farmers markets have strong partners in Washington. Find out who plus a few tips and ideas for Farmers Market Week.




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