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Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Technology Certificate Program

Welcome! Bellingham Technical College (BTC) and Washington State University (WSU) have teamed up to develop and implement a curriculum to train and certify technicians for rural area anaerobic digesters. Our intention is to provide our curriculum and the details of our process to other technical and community colleges across the country so that they may learn from our experiences and offer AD technician training in their own regions.

Within these web pages you will find answers to these questions:

Who are we?

Learn more about the unique partnership between BTC and WSU and what each institution contributes to the project.

What is anaerobic digestion?

Understand the chemical processes at work and the benefits and challenges of anaerobic digester technologies.

Why this certificate?

Understand where the demand for trained technicians is coming from and what we are doing to meet it.

What tools are available?

We have provided everything a technical college may need to use our program as a model for something similar in another region.  Access the report from our curriculum planning process (DACUM) and the entire resulting curriculum documents and learning tools including video and recorded presentations.