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Inspired solutions for the future of agriculture and the environment.
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Author: Andrew McGuire

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Mixing the Perfect Cover Crop Cocktail

Last November, at the WSU Building Soils for Better Crops conference, farmers from Kansas, North Dakota, and Colorado all spoke on the benefits they were…

No-till Does Not Reverse Soil Degradation?

A recent paper (Olson, 2013) finds a number of long-term studies were wrong about no-till practices building soil organic matter and thus sequestering carbon.  The…

Hamstrung by Ideology

Last summer, I visited an organic farm in the area. The farmer showed me various parts of his operation, one of which was a field…

How to kill your soil

I recently saw an infographic that stated, “There are no life forms in the soil, which is sterilized…” What was it talking about? Soils on…

Organic Farming Reliant on Synthetic Nitrogen

A number of studies have recently suggested that organic farming better addresses issues related to climate change than non-organic farming. Many of the reported climate…

Stepping, rather than jumping, towards sustainability

As several CSANR faculty members have agreed to do, I am responding to the question posed by Center director Chad Kruger on September 18th: Achieving…
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