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Anaerobic Digestion Webinar Series Schedule & Registration

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This webinar series took place February through April 2016.  Click the links below for recordings, topics and speaker bios.

 Series overview information available HERE.

February 10, 2016Dairy Nutrient Recovery Technologies within an Anaerobic Digestion Bio-refinery. (click link for recording) Speaker: Dr. Tim Ewing, Research Engineer, Washington State University. Please note that the speaker has changed.  As dairy manure anaerobic digestion (AD) units are converted to bio-refineries with add-on technologies, one key process that is of interest to the dairy industry is nutrient recovery. Dr. Ewing will discuss the various approaches that have been proposed for recovering phosphorus and nitrogen from dairy manure, integrated within an AD platform. He will also discuss the challenges and opportunities posed by the products from these recovery approaches.

February 24, 2016Anaerobic Digestion Bio-refinery: Potential for Biochar Production and Utilization. (click link for recording) Speaker: Dr. Manuel Garcia-Perez, Associate Professor at the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Washington State University. Dr. Garcia-Perez will discuss the challenges and opportunities for integrating emerging technologies with existing anaerobic digestion (AD) systems as a way to gradually convert AD units into biorefineries. The focus of this webinar is on pyrolysis and gasification, two technologies that are capable of converting the digested fibers into a bio-char, and that can be integrated with AD. During the presentation Dr. Garcia-Perez will also discuss some of the potential uses of these chars in anaerobic digestion systems.

March 23, 2016Agronomic Evaluation of Anaerobic Digestion System Recovered Fertilizers. (click link for recording) Speaker: Dr. Harold P. Collins, Soil Scientist and Microbiologist at the Grassland, Soil and Water Research Laboratory, USDA – Agricultural Research Service. Increasing public concern about environmental quality and the sustainability of agro-ecosystems has emphasized the need to develop management strategies that protect soil and water resources. The recent use of anaerobic digesters (AD) on Pacific Northwest dairies to mitigate excessive manure storage and produce energy generates substantial amounts of nutrient-rich materials after digestion. Dr. Collins will share research that assesses new products derived from AD treatment of dairy and poultry wastes, with a particular emphasis on the dynamics, availability and uptake of phosphorous (P) from P-enriched materials recovered from anaerobic digesters. Dr. Collins will discuss the opportunities and challenges related to using animal wastes as fertilizers without the need for composting in the Pacific Northwest.

April 6, 2016An Introduction to the Anaerobic Digestion System Enterprise Budget Calculator (click link for recording). Speaker: Dr. Gregory Astill, Research Economist at the USDA Economic Research Service; obtained his Ph.D. from the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University. Join Dr. Greg Astill, the creator of the Anaerobic Digester (AD) System Enterprise Budget Calculator, for a walk-through of the basic operations of the budget calculator and a demonstration of the results it produces. The Budget Calculator is intended for dairy owners, AD system industry experts, and AD researchers to be able to easily calculate the net present value of investment under a variety of technology and price scenarios for an AD system. The budget calculator includes options for anaerobic digestion, co-digestion, compressed natural gas, combined heat and power, environmental credits, fiber solids separation, phosphorous solids separation, struvite precipitation, ammonium sulfate recovery, and water ultra-filtration/reverse osmosis. Dr. Astill will discuss some of these examples during the webinar.

April 20, 2016Insights for Anaerobic Digestion from Dairy-CropSyst, a Decision Support Tool for Gaseous Emissions and Nutrient Management (click link for recording). Speaker: Mr. Bryan Carlson, Associate in Research, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Washington State University.  Join Bryan Carlson to hear about Dairy-CropSyst, a decision support tool for researchers and managers of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Mr. Carlson will provide an overview of the concepts behind the tool and guide the user through the process of inputting dairy information and interpreting the results. This tool models the fate of nutrients and emissions from manure excretion to field application, and its use provides insights into the effects of various manure treatment options. Mr. Carlson will discuss examples that explore the effects on nutrients and emissions of incorporating an anaerobic digester into a conventional dairy system.