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Insights for Anaerobic Digestion from Dairy-CropSyst, a Decision-Support Tool for Gaseous Emissions and Nutrient Management

April 20, 2016 10am PDT. Webinar recording coming soon.

Speaker: Mr. Bryan Carlson, Associate in Research, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Washington State University.

Webinar description: Join Bryan Carlson to hear about Dairy-CropSyst, a decision support tool for researchers and managers of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Mr. Carlson will provide an overview of the concepts behind the tool and guide the user through the process of inputting dairy information and interpreting the results. This tool models the fate of nutrients and emissions from manure excretion to field application, and its use provides insights into the effects of various manure treatment options. Mr. Carlson will discuss examples that explore the effects on nutrients and emissions of incorporating an anaerobic digester into a conventional dairy system.

Carlson headshotBryan Carlson is an Associate in Research at the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University. His current position allows him to tackle problems as an environmental physicist and to use computer models to discover insights into the natural world. Mr. Carlson is also able to expand upon those insights and incorporate them into user-friendly decision support tools.  He has contributed to numerous tools such as OFoot, an online carbon calculator for organic farms, and Dairy-CropSyst, a manure management and emissions modeling tool.