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First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs) June 1st

Posted by Tara Zimmerman | May 30, 2018

Join the Webinar June 1st!

Hosted by the USDA Forest Service, Research & Development, in cooperation with the USDA Climate Hubs

Friday, June 1, 2018
1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific
The presentation will follow an update on USDA Forest Service and Climate Hub activities
To join the webinar:
Webinar date has passed

Presentation: Case Studies to Build Rangeland Resilience

Cow-calf operators, the primary users of rangeland resources throughout the Pacific Northwest, will need to adapt to a range of future stressors, including those that are climate-related. A critical aspect of preparing for the future is understanding past vegetation performance and management responses. Learning from successful techniques for dealing with extended drought or reduced forage conditions can add insight to the future. Thus, as part of this project, we use case studies to quantify decadal trends and inter-annual variability for rangelands to aid managers and producers in planning for the future. We also profile forward-thinking grazers to provide stakeholder-centered and science-driven insights into their management practices to enhance resilience.

About Matt Reeves & Georgine Yorgey:

Matt Reeves is a Research Ecologist with the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula, MT where he specializes in applying remote sensing and modeling to characterize ecological conditions of rangelands. His research focuses on vegetation and fuel dynamics, and decision support tools for improving range management efficacy.

Georgine Yorgey is the Associate Director of Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources. Her work includes a focus developing stakeholder resources relating to climate change and Pacific Northwest agriculture.

Questions: please contact Anne Marsh, National Program Lead for Climate Change Research, by email at


Matt Reeves headshot
Matt Reeves U.S. Forest Service, USFS, RMRS Human Dimensions Program Northern Plains Climate Hub liaison
Georgine Yorgey headshot
Georgine Yorgey
Washington State University,
Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources

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